Who Are We?


Our Circle Weaver vision is people of every age and walk of life organizing themselves because they are able to have effective meetings. They are realizing Ghandi's vision of democracy not as twenty men sitting in the middle but emerging from every village, neighborhood, and business team.

Our mission is to provide software that helps groups keep their common memory, helps them to organize their meetings, and lets everyone follow and participate in the meetings - every voice heard. The software must be priced in a way that everyone can afford it.

Weaver supports every step of your meetings, helps everyone consent to decisions that everyone can live with, and keeps everyone in your group aligned and engaged.

We invite you to join us in bringing inspiring meetings everywhere to everyone.


MeetingWeaver Tech, LLC was brought into existence by John Buck and Keith Swenson with the help of Forrist Lytehouse in 2017 to bring Weaver to the world -- a way to support better engagement at meetings for community efforts where engagement is critical to success. It was based on collaborative technology developed by Keith and others at Fujitsu, and released as open source to make it free to the world. Weaver takes its roots from standard CSCW (computer supported collaborative work) idea, but brings in a method for holding meetings from Dynamic Governance and Sociocracy.

MeetingWeaver Tech, LLC is structured as a cooperative. Anyone can join and help. In doing so, you earn a piece of the organization, and will share in any financial profit that is made. Currently, our biggest profit is that from helping organizations to run better meetings and to acheive better results. Weaver is available for free to any small organization that wants it.

Children's Groups

MeetingWeaver Tech is working with a number of other organizations dedicated to helping deserving people

You Can Help!

The most important way you can help is to learn how to use Weaver, use it, and give us good feedback on actual usage situations. Every team is different, and so your experience will be unique to your team. We continue to work to find ways that support all styles of working.

If you want to do more, you can join us. You can help to train others in the use of Weaver, and get groups on the right path to success. Sometimes extra help is neeed to change old behaviors into new behaviors. You would be joining a community of people who are interested in making democracy work, in giving a voice to people across the world, to help find their own greatest needs and to work to address them. There is a specific role for facilitators (voluntary or paid) who know how Weaver works, to help run meetings for others.

You can also help in the development of the software directly: the source can be checked out, and contributions contributed back. Those wishing to do development will need to show dedication to the project before being trained in the code and how to make updates. We do have a lot of need for people to do detailed usability improvements to help accomodate a greater variety if different working patterns.

You can also help by hosting a server. The current server is located in the USA, and we have had some interest in having a server located in other geographies, either for political reasons, or simply for better network access. Running a server takes a modest funding, around $200/year for the typical server; anyone wishing to contribute at this level might set up and run a server.

Most important, you can join the us in this quest to bring a voice to people.

We'd love to hear from you!

The power of organized decision making and talking about progress cannot be underestimated!
Every act of support and loyal participation, no matter how small, holds the possibility for inspiration. Not just for the people directly involved but for anyone wishing to be a part of a larger movement for egalitarian organizing.