Would you like to try out Weaver?

The place to start is with the training videos. Experience shows that people who watch 60 minutes of video actually save many hours of work coming up to speed on Weaver. There are just a few concepts that are needed. Please find all the Training Videos here.

Here is what the weaver screen looks like:

screenshot of Weaver Workspace Front Page

You do so by creating a “Site.” A site is a space where you can set up a number of workspaces without disturbing anyone else. This acts as the containing folder for your entire organization.

Inside of a site you create workspaces. A workspace allows groups of people to work, to share documents, ideas, notes, and plans and to keep this separate from the other working groups. You will be able to create as many workspaces as you want. Each workspace has its own list of people who can access it.

So what are you waiting for?

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The power of organized decision making and talking about progress cannot be underestimated!
Every act of support and loyal participation, no matter how small, holds the possibility for inspiration. Not just for the people directly involved but for anyone wishing to be a part of a larger movement for egalitarian organizing.