Tutorial 21



hi this is keith swenson again and this video is to show you briefly how to get a site of your own and how to set it up now first just a little bit of a of a review weaver tracks everything in a workspace those workspace hold information about meetings about documents discussion topics and actioned items.

There's a lot of other videos that go into the details of how you use those so we won't go through that today but the thing to remember is that all of these things are contained in work spaces and then the workspaces are the things that people are allowed to access so you can have multiple workspaces with different sets of people to access to them and that's how you do access control at a higher level we have sites so all of the workspaces will belong to a site and if you would like to use weaver and you'd like to set up workspaces you will request and we will give you a site and then within that site you can create all the workspaces you want to and what we recommend of course is that you create a sandbox workspace that you can play in and that you know you can invite people to and try things out but then you create a couple of separate production workspaces where you're actually doing the work and that you know that keeps the experimental stuff separate from what you're actually doing so what we're going to focus on today is how to get a site there's two steps to this the first is that you have to set up a login you have to be able to log into it and if you don't already have a password you'll need to request a password get a password get a login to the weaver site then you request a site after you have received the site you can then create workspaces as as you wish and assign people to them invite people to them and all that stuff so let me show you how that works now there's a couple of ways that you might get to here you can come through the circle weaver site and choose a link from there you may be sent this directly but this is the basic page that you get to if you've never been to weaver and you have two options here to log in or to request a site either way you're going to have to start by logging in so let me just take you through the scenario by clicking on request a site here now the first thing is going to say do you have a login address and this will actually send you an email verification if you don't yet have a login so let me just go ahead and do this and i'll enter in an email address i've entered the same email address in twice just to make sure that we got it right so we don't accidentally send some email to anybody else and i click on that and it says it sent me an email here's a sample inbox i got this message here it's to the email address that i said and right now i need to set my password so i'll do that simply click on that enter the name and the password like most password setting boxes you need to enter the password twice i click save and now i'm logged in i'm now at step two i'm going to provide the name for my site so today's site is going to be about cooking cookie baking whatever you want to put here it's a descriptive name don't make it too long but keep it simple the next it's going to suggest a key value and this has to be four to eight letters or numbers long let's put some things here maybe maybe i just want to use cookie that's good enough this will be part of the url this is the only thing you can't change so pick a good value there that i've done that give me a description clearly you can change this later if if you want to it's no problem but it's good to have a good starting point then if you've been given a pre-approval code you can use the pre-approval code at this point and i don't have one at this point so uh just go ahead and click next and then this is a simple question to make sure you're not a robot i think you can probably do that without my help you've got all the information here to look over at one last time you can back up and change some things if you didn't get it right but if this all looks good then go ahead and request the site and now it's been requested the administrator will receive that request in a day or two will respond to it and you'll get an email best message back when your site has been granted you'll get an email message that looks like this it basically says that your site's been granted and here's your site name and here's a link to it what you'll want to do is just click on this site name here and it'll take you to your site now once again if you're not logged in you can now enter the password that you set earlier and login and it takes you to your site here and your site doesn't have any workspaces in it click on the list of workspaces we don't see any workspaces here and so the first thing you want to do is create a sandbox workspace now you've got a workspace uh with all of the things that you expect in a workspace so that's all we have for today's demo this showed you how to log in for the first time and how to request a site and then once you receive that site how to create your first workspace and get going on trying it out thanks very much good luck on your new sites