Tutorial 20



so the question I get sometimes is how do I clean up my home page let me show you an example okay here's a home page of a test user all of this all the information on here is test information it's not it's not real information but nevertheless I've got a home page that's rather filled up here that's going I've got all these things on here what do I do about them okay so we'll teach take each panel at a time action items these are action items that have been assigned to you so if you want to see the complete list of course you go to the complete list and this list may be quite quite long depending on how you run things but these are things that have been assigned to you and if you want to get them off this list you you complete them go go get rid of them so if this if this is an action item that you've already done and you no longer need to be reminded about it you click on this and you mark it as complete and then you know go back to your home page so it doesn't appear from your home page immediately now if you want to see it immediately then you can hit under options you can hit recalculate and when you do that it goes and runs through all the data and it comes back and you notice that that items finished okay so but just trust that they're gonna disappear it gets refreshed about every day it'll take care of it automatically but take care of the underlying things underneath now here we have some planned meetings now this meeting is from 2015 quite a while ago what happened somebody started a meeting either they plan a meeting or they started a meeting but they never completed the meeting now I no longer care about that meeting that meetings not important what we need to do is get it out of the system so if I click on that we go - here we go - overview and we mark it completed okay this was from years ago nobody cares about it so that that gets it off of your list again it'll when I recalculate it'll be there and I go to the next meeting here's another one from 2016 I go to the overview I hit completed it's pretty easy really and you go through all those meetings and pretty soon you'll have only the current meetings that you're really working that that's where you want to be need to respond now this is a request that somebody has made of you we should build a tree house that was you know some sort of test so here I've got a request here we should build a tree house and so what I need to do is go here and say give a response no another way of taking care of it is to complete the overall thing this is this is all overdue it's been sitting there for you know half of a year now the other option is to close it to close the entire proposal depending on you know depending on what it was this was used again for testing and so it's basically just trash laying around but if it was a real request the question is you know why haven't you finished that request if it's if it's a serious ongoing request then put your response in there and that will make it get off your homepage if the whole request is is just trash then go ahead and close it and get rid of it need to complete are things that you started now there's a couple different categories here but they're all things that that you haven't finished so see this one says this is a draft let me just go that this is a draft comment okay from a little while ago and what do you do you you close it you either you either post it or you delete it you edit it and come and finish it out or so posting it would be completing it and sending it out so why do you have a draft comment here this case I'm just gonna delete it good enough now that will no longer be on there let's just go see what this one is here's another draft comment alternatively I can I can post it and that sends it out as email to everybody unposted draft topics these are discussion topics that have been created so in this case here's some some minutes okay so we have a draft hasn't been finished up you have a choice you can delete it okay and it to believe it you have to go to the list of topics and delete it there or you go ahead and do the post and you can post it without email or with email so this because I just post it with email and now you know that that's finished up because the purpose this is people will start things and forget to complete them so that's why you've got this on your homepage the proper answer is to go clean house go find those things and finish them up now in the case of watched workspaces these are workspaces which you have designated that you are interested in watching and so you you can if you want go to here and and stop watching them okay if you want to get them off the list you can stop watching them I think you probably find you don't have a problem in this space these don't tend to collect up accessible workspaces same sort of thing these don't tend to collect but what you can do is you know take yourself out of the workspace stop being a member of the workspace if that's - and sites that you manage again stop managing the sites I think most people don't have a problem with these columns it's these action items plan meetings need to respond need to complete and unposted draft topics these are the things that that tend to pile up go through them if you've been letting it go for a while I mean these are going back several years here so obviously if you if you stay on top of it if you clean it up every month or two it's usually only a couple items it's pretty easy to go clean up if it's been sitting there for a few years spend a few minutes cleaning it all up then your workspace will be empty and you'll be able to see the new things come up your homepage is showing you things that need your attention go do them either go complete the meeting go post the draft go complete the comment go make the response do the option that will clean up your homepage and then new items will be much more readily apparent to you I hope that helps you