Tutorial 19



this is a session on how to invite people to your workspace so I have a sample workspace here in this workspace I want to add four people to it I'm gonna call those people f1 f2 f3 and f4 so I go to the roles page and here I see that there are currently two members in the role okay and I'm gonna show you the first way to invite is individually so I can invite individual users I'm just gonna say this is a person f1 at XCOM I can pick a role I can write a message here I click invite and now what we're seeing is we're seeing this invite here this was from an earlier test the second way is to send a multi-person invite and this is kind of the same thing I'm gonna do f2 EDX comm and f3 at XCOM this is convenient if you have a long list of email you want to invite a bunch of people again you've got another message here that you can fill in you can set the role I can send the invitation so now you're seeing F one two and three here another way to do it is that you can simply go to the roles and you can go to this role you can simply enter f4 at x.com and you'll see their they've been added as a member now for this person you haven't invited them yet you've just added them as a role to anybody you can click on this here and compose and send an invitation so now this is an invitation directly to f4 so I'll go ahead and send that in this case you have to wait for it and now it's been sent now let's go take a look and let's see what the mail says here so I'm seeing I've got three email messages one - f1 f2 to f3 and another one to f4 you'll notice that the from address a little bit different on these so depending how you do it they may or may not receive them if I'm pretending that I'm this user f1 I click on this message here there's a set password before I do that I have to log out over here because remember normally this would be someone who's not logged in so now I'm not logged in there I go to set my password I now enter f1 asset ok and when I click Save to choose my password Bing I'm in there I'm now a fully qualified member of this group and we can go to roles we can look at we can look at invite users and we can still see this person f1 has now joined these other two are invited so I can just click on this f2 here it's refilled in this form with all the information about f2 and I can just say invite again so now I've invited second you see this it says new here but if I go and refresh the screen here it will then turn into invited and that tells you that the email has been sent so I can you know I mean I can click on this f3 here and notice that it filled in the form up here and I can invite them again so that's how you reinvade someone and of course you can always if you're looking at the roles here you can always reinventing here and composing and sending an invitation sending it again so what I've shown here is how you invite single people how you invite a multiple a list of email addresses how you can add them simply to the role and then send an invite later or sometimes you do and I've also shown how to resend the invites if you need to okay so hopefully that explains what you need to know to invite users to re-invite users and to have them set their passwords