Tutorial 18



hi everybody this is a just a quick demo of a couple of new features that came in recently I want you to know about them the first is action item work areas now you're familiar with action items they look like this this is a list of action items and again you can you can filter them and rearrange them but John wanted for the operational meetings a little bit more structure on this so what I've now added is not only the action item view and the status ListView which we had before but also the task areas so if I go to manage task areas I'll see that I created two task areas some potentially some companies so the idea is that I want to be able to group my action items by this so I can go look at this there is a status on this and you know of that of that whole area so you can see what the status is but that's all we have now what this affects is if I go into status ListView what you see here is you'll see all the action items and the details on the action items but you're seeing them grouped by these work areas and the where that comes in is that when you go and set the details there's now a way to set which task area it came into so for instance if we want to make let's take a look at this I've got I've got some items here that that don't have anything that don't have an area there they're sort of in this area by itself so let me go ahead and create an area of this put a bookshelf is like home improvements right so manage task areas I'm going to create a new task areas I'm going to call it home improvements and we'll just save that so that's that's that's all we really need on that so now home improvements is an item there let's go back to that status ListView and let's choose that pick up pick up bookshelf and put it in the home improvement category what we'll see now is that there's this this item appears under home improvement so that's basically it it's it's just a way of organizing everything here and the idea is if these are the main things that you're worried about the main areas that you continually meet about this collects all of these tasks together and everything else works as you might expect it if there are completed tasks completed tasks will will appear in the area that they're associated with and and this way you can run through these see what the status is and move on and done so your sort of daily check up on how things are going now the second area had to do with documents and here's a list of documents that we have these icons here indicate whether the document is public or not so this means public and this means remember only I found that that really doesn't work very well people are very very uncomfortable with making assigning a document as being just public they feel like they don't have any control over it so I came up with a different idea and that's what we call the share ports so right now we have no share ports before I go in there notice that we have two documents marked fiscal policy and - hi everybody this is a just a quick demo of a couple of new features that came in recently I want you to know about them the first is action item work areas now you're going to choose the fiscal policy so here are all fiscal policy documents I have to find a a filter criteria of using the label here and I can say here you know we are required to keep these public you know maybe there's some some reason for that all right so that's it save that that's one of them and I'll make another one and this one is going to be all mp3 files so in this case I'm just going to put mp3 in my filter criteria and that's that it all right so I have two of them you know I can edit them with the Edit icon but if I want to see what they look like I can click on this little eye here now here what we're seeing is a very bare-bones page um there's no extraneous links on here there's no menu items or anything like that all I can do is download the documents which is which is what I want so that's this case this was the the fiscal policy documents they aren't really fiscal policy documents but they're marked that way and here I have all of the mp3 files so again that's in fact the case here they are and that shows you the size and this page can be shared with anybody if you I want to add an option here to mail it to somebody probably I would add that option onto this page here we'd have some some way to mail it but when after you mail it to become a link they will see a page whether they're logged in or not they will see a page that looks exactly like this so if you have documents that you need to distribute to people the sharePort becomes an easy way to do that and also you may this was this this was the little comment that we put there this was the title so whatever you put there comes up there and then this is all the stuff that comes from the the document itself it does give you again the idea that what you're sharing is a list of documents instead of marking each document as being shared or not public or not and you can take this ah and you can have different shares for different people and then of course you'll you know you send it to the people that need those other different documents so even if you have a you know a private document the idea is that this that this is hard to guess so you can create a share port and then send a link to the SharePoint to somebody and and they can't link to any other share ports here they can't get to anything else they can just get to the documents that you sent to them so that's it we have grouping of action items in the in the action time list and we have share ports to allow you to share documents out