Tutorial 17



Weaver and now you have parents circles circles you have parents of circles you have children of circles and you can view this in a tree view and i'll show you how to set that up just a little bit about terminology when you're visiting a particular circle you'll be at that circle or that workspace and there can be a parent circle or a parent workspace and then there can be children under there and of course the children are just work spaces which have the current circle you're looking at as their parent so that's basically how it works I'll show you how this works on the front page of every workspace you can see this kind of diagram like this it's usually a little more complicated if I click on for example personal tasks here I'll see all of the circles that our children to that if i click on to one of those you'll see the the circle that i'm at the workspace that i'm at and its parent so i'm going to click on a parent again now there's a special symbol up here which means this workspace doesn't have in fact a parent and if i click on that i will see all of the work spaces which don't actually have a parent so if you want to include them in some sort of a diagram you would need to set that pad parents let me just do that here is a here's a workspace if i look at this workspace i see that it has no parent it's just all alone all by itself what I'd like to do is hook it into the tree somewhere so what I have to do is I visited this and I need to visit the workspace that is its parent so I want to make I'm going to make this personal tasks workspace here make that be the parent so this is what it looks like now as you visit workspaces they will appear in your current workspace list up here at the top and that's the trick here it's just visit visit the parent and visit the actual so now let's go to the actual work space that you want to change you go to the administration and right here it says parent circle and you choose in the parent circle you choose what you want to be the parent so basically I want to set this to be the the personal tasks I click update and now let's go back to the front page now we see the the waikoloa has the personal tasks as a parent and if I and if I go up to there I will see now under here that now waikoloa has appeared here and if I would like to say for example take this workspace here and put it underneath that they're sort of sort of move it or I'll move I'll move the waikoloa to be under the science Moodle one I have to visit the science Moodle to make sure that that I'm there I visit this workspace I go back to administration I change it to the science model that I wanted let's go back to look at the front page we see science model is there and now underneath science poodle instead of the two that we had before we now have the three so that's really just all there is to it you go you visit the workspace that you want to be the parent you visit then the workspace that you want to set the parent of and that's all done inside of workspace admin and there's an option down here that shows what the current parent circle is and with that you should be able to set up an easy tree here for people to browse around and find the workspace that they're looking for you