Tutorial 16



for all of the Weaver fans out there I wanted to give you a quick update of what has been added recently in the last couple of weeks first of all I wanted to show you that in discussion topics we have a create new topic button you can like normal so like normal you enter in a subject and a little bit to describe the topic but this will by default start out and draft and you will create a draft the the way it works now is that it's going to be easiest to create a drive if you want to create it in a tougher in a different mode it will it will do that but let's leave it in draft because that's what most people are gonna do edit it like normal and work forward on it but when you get to this the point where you would like to send it out to everybody there's the post topic button and this is what operates differently when you click post you're basically saying you're done but you're also going to send an email notification and it's pulled in all of the members of this workspace into here but it's left it to you like the address list of an email thing if you want to take somebody off you can click you can take them off of here if you want to add somebody on you can add them in this is now setting up the subscribers for this topic and then of course you you can send it without any email if you want you can post it without email but then you wouldn't have to change any of the subscribers but go ahead and let's post it with email and that's gonna do that now everybody that was on that list is going to receive an email message saying here's the topic do you want a comment on it we can take a look at what that looks like now the email that everybody will get will look a little bit like this it'll have a body that looks like this and it'll have this option down here to make a comment now if you click on that make a comment it'll bring up this quick comment quick reply form so you can get the details by clicking on this little down arrow up here and find out everything about it and it's a very easy way to make a comment without having to get it logging in and now here's what the email will look like on the comment and remember that everybody you you had in that list is gonna be a subscriber from the beginning so I've added this little unsubscribe button here and if you click unsubscribe you're gonna get a screen that looks like this and there's a big unsubscribe button here you can also see the other comments and you can see some information about it we might change this over time to look different but currently if you really don't want to be part of this discussion you click unsubscribe and it's and it's just gonna take you out of the discussion like that now another thing that changed on the discussion topic and every place where documents can be attached you attach them in the same way that you did but now notice that they look a little bit different here the display of the documents been cleaned up now one of the things we were asked for was being able to download directly from here so when you click on this document what you're gonna see is the first of all the full name of the document if your document has a very long name you won't see all of it on the screen this will show the full name and it'll give you all these different you can access the document brings you to the download page like it used to but if you don't want to do that if you want to download directly you can just click download here and it's gonna bring down the the download form right there without leaving the page so you can now go and download another one and you can download each of these quite easily so I think that's important but since we have a menu there you can also go see the document details which is you can update the description and things like that and you can send it by email or if you feel like it really shouldn't be attached here this gives you another way to unattach the document to remove it from the discussion topic or the meeting agenda item or whatever it's attached to the same mechanism is available everywhere you have the ability like we always did for sending something by email sending by email you're gonna have the same document capabilities here to access and and manipulate it and you can sort of save and preview and see what the email looks like one of the things they had before was there was no way to delete some think once you had saved it once you you couldn't get rid of it so you can click the delete button here or if you're looking at the list of these that have been set up a delete option and it's still in draft mode a delete option will appear here so that you can delete it kind of a trivial thing but it is important now if you are working on something and something goes wrong you can click the feedback button it's right here it's always there when you click feedbacks and give you a feedback form you can enter some information about what you want to give the feedback on but notice that the URL here is the URL that you were just looking at so wherever you came from will be recorded as part of the whole thing plus the date and time and who you are is already automatically done you click the send feedback button and that records it in the system in the system log when somebody downloads a document through any means let me just go ahead and save this someplace temporary now there's been downloaded this is again another sort of trivial thing but this tells you in the history there's a recording of every time the document was downloaded see now we can do some statistics about who has actually access the document in the past finally we should cover a little bit about roles in roles we have this option here to do role elections now I haven't done anything in this workspace but if I say role election at this point in time this is what it's going to do is it will automatically create a term starting from today's date and going out a year and then it's gonna walk you step-by-step through each of the things the first step is check to make sure that the term is right so if this wasn't what you wanted if you wanted it to go from say January 1st to January 1st you know a year from now you can correct that at this point and save that then you go on to step two now step two is where you make individual nominations so I'm gonna put myself in here so I'll put in whom the nomination should be and I'll put a little bit of a description about that and I'll save now what it's explaining here is that you've made this nomination it's in there but you can't see anybody else's nomination yeah and everybody could do this synchronously or you can have one facilitator go in and put nominations in four different people by changing who's who's doing the nominating here when you go to step three you're now gonna see all the nominations have been made now I've only made one nomination but if there were five nominations you'd see them all here and now you can spend some time talking about this if I want to change my nomination I click the edit button here and change it to somebody else and have a different nomination the whole point here is now you can you can sort of rationalize this sort of keep track of that step four is where you actually make a proposal so here you're gonna actually say all right I really do want this guy to be the player to play the role to be in the role from that time to that time and now I as an individual can say I consent and I click the consent button so this is going to keep track of all of the different responses down here and the idea is that this you know everybody comes in here and they can either consent or object and they can enter what their objection is if they have an objection and that's all gonna be recorded in the same system but when you've gone through that and presumably when everybody has consented you click Next and now you're done you're in the completed mode we're remembering who had confirmed so that we know who that is and we see who it is here and that's the time period but now when this date and time comes around this person will automatically be playing that role and when the end time comes it's gonna go back to whoever the default user for in the role there so it's at this point on it's all automated you can go create other terms if you wish again if we go back in to look at the define role we'll see that this term of office is here we could create another term for the next year and another term for the next year so we could we could we can have as many terms as we want to going out this create turn button it was simplified by just making it create the terms right there and then you can go in and March each term through the five steps as you wish if you get partially into a particular you know if you're on step three here and you leave it that's okay because it's gonna remember it and when you go back into that particular one so you remember it's it's remembered the state changing so now when you go back it's still going to be at step three it's gonna remain there until you go to step four it finally when you go to step five it will take effect during the time period there so I hope that gives you an idea a little understanding of some of the changes and improvements that have been put in in the last couple of weeks