Tutorial 15



so this is a quick update on Reaver choose a new ability to set beyond the purpose of a workspace also the mission the vision and the aim and also a new feature for a selecting time for the meetings so here's a workspace you're looking at the front page so it's showing you the structure here and all of the other information I'm logged in I'm able to access this workspace now over in this corner we have the purpose of the workspace now that's been there for a while but now what we do is we truncate the purpose a little bit will be shortened in case you have a long detailed purpose because we don't want to have a really long column here so that's and there's this new link here but that goes the same place as the text if you click on the text it takes you to the administration page which has now been a little bit differently designed it looks like this once you put a bunch of text in it if you don't put the text in it doesn't look like much and if you are an administrator you can edit this by by clicking on it so we can take and change the format you then specify a mission same thing or a vision and you can use these or not use these as as you will it's a good best practice to specify you know because the mission and the vision they have different components to it and then the aim getting a little bit more detailed so if you work through these there's a couple other settings that can be down here among all these is where you delete the workspace or freeze the workspace if you're interested or you set the parent circle on this the circle doesn't have a parent circle so that's basically that and and again whatever you put in here for purpose a short subset of it will appear here on the front page where people can see the purpose the other two they have to visit the mission and vision and aim to see that the second thing I wanted to talk about was under meetings if you have a meeting set the new option here is this proposed times show proposed time on this meeting I haven't set any up so I will do that let's just say we're gonna think about having a meeting at say noon on this day well that's one possible place where we could have it so I'll just add that in as a propose time maybe on the 18th at a proposed time maybe on the 18th but at 4:00 in the afternoon maybe that's that's another possible proposed time so all of these can be proposed now what I can do is I can add in who the people are that are going to be there so for example maybe less Jerry Jerry Seinfeld to come he's he's always good for a few laughs George Washington so and and if somebody logs in their name will automatically be added to this list so if anybody comes and accesses this they'll have a column for themselves but as you can see it's it's creating a column for each person that you add and then now you can basically say whether you're able to come so yeah that's a good time for me and oh this is this is really not a very good time this is this isn't it possible time I can do that and it's set out here people typically set their own but but actually anybody can set anybody's time so if somebody just you know sends an email they don't actually log in here and they basically say well those are you know you can set up what's preferable time for the meeting well so the whole idea is that this gets filled in and rows can be added at any time and then those settings add it in there you can propose more times at any time okay well let's see those are you know those aren't doing good enough let's let's take a look at that let's add that proposed time and you send everybody a note and say come back in and maybe you come up with something that that everybody can agree with if you decide that this this time just as you know it's never going to work enough people have said no you can you can remove that as a proposed time and get rid of it and then finally when you you know people have come through and you basically got enough people that are that are on a particular time and you can then set the meeting to this time so April 18th at 12 o'clock now the meeting is set terrible 18th at 12 o'clock so that's all I was showing today new ways to set purpose mission vision and aim a little more detail about your workspace and then a new capability for allowing people to vote on meeting times and to help guide the person running the meeting in finding the best time for a meeting