Tutorial 13



hi this Keith Swensen and I'll be giving you a little overview of a new feature available in Weaver and this is for those situations when you want to hold a meeting and you haven't yet determined what the right time for the meeting is you probably know the people that you want to meet with but everybody schedule is different so sometimes you go through a process of trying to determine when to have the meeting and so also show you a nice capability to handle that so here you have a an example workspace and you know that you want to create a meeting so you go to the meetings just like normal and you go to create the meeting first of all let's give the meeting a title discuss local events or whatever your meeting is and you can give it a nice long description just like normal now in the time here it's default to the time to something but what you can do is you can press clear here and basically say the time of the meeting is going to be determined we're not quite sure what it's going to be so you go ahead and and click create oh it does require some sort of description so that's probably a good idea in general so then we then move into the meeting and discuss local events and what we have here is it still says the scheduled time has to be determined but we have down here proposed meeting times so let's set up some times well we'll set up maybe maybe Monday at noon that could be a possible time so we're not really sure about that is proposed time maybe the same day at 3:00 would be a good time maybe the maybe the next day at 3:00 would be a proposed time and so you go on me on another one you hit in here and then let's go for 9:00 a.m. on the following day so we've got four different dates and times there and these may be good times for you to meet or they may be you know very good times and then what you do is you add other people who you want to attend the meeting so there's one person and let's put another one in there and let's put in here okay and so each person is able to go and indicate if these are good times to meet or bad times but you can easily see that this is going to allow you to gather this input from all of these different people now I just filled them in for all the people and the reason for that is that even though you've set up this nice system for managing a meeting sometimes there's people that don't want to participate in they don't want to go to the website or maybe they don't have a convenient way to do it or that you know they're just not phone literate and they don't like going there so that's fine sometimes they'll just respond sometimes they'll respond directly I'm available every day except for Thursday and so anybody can come in and fill in the times for anybody else what you get is a sort of an overall picture of the time let's take a look at exactly what the the person will get if you send out an announcement what I'll often do then is send an email you know about the meeting here and I'm just gonna send it to one person I would normally send it to two everybody of course but you know I'll send it to someone named Betty and basically say you know let us know the best times and then let me just go ahead and send that out so I'm going to log out so that you can see what this will look like when you're not logged in the email is is sent out to betting she'll see something like this so if Betty clicks on now the discussed local events she's going to get this plate and what I'd like to stress here is that this page appears through the main link on the email without Betty having to login so she can now sit here and set what the good times are to meet you know for her it's very easy to send email to a bunch of people collect this sort of feedback they can see when everybody else is planning to come now at this well Betty is not able to add up or propose times to do that she'd have to login now if you log in you're gonna get the stamp display like this and this is where basically anybody can propose a time so I think this day at at noon is gonna be the best time so let's just go ahead and choose noon there on that day and then we can add another proposed time in there and people can start putting in their values when you get to the point where you have determined that there's one best time right now it doesn't look like anything's best although you have to make a choice but maybe maybe you talked to this person we could have turned around we find okay there's a time we all can meet on that time you see it still says to be determined up here I'm gonna choose set the meeting to this time and when I choose that it sets the meeting and it closes this box now you can always you can always open the box later and and view it if you wish but as long as this scheduled time if I click to determined here as long as that is is not set this will always be open but once you pick a time and say set the meeting to that time it closes it sets the meeting to that time and now you're ready to go so this is all part of what you would do to prepare for the meeting okay so I hope that gives you a powerful new way to bring people together and to come to agreement on what the best time for a meeting would be and then how to hopefully follow through and hold the meeting and have a great meeting