Tutorial 12



now let's take a look from a different side sometimes there's users that want to join a particular workspace we normally think about workspaces in terms of being run by a some sort of manager or a workspace manager and these people find people who might be interested and send invitations to them and get them into the workspace well sometimes the person running the workspace knows all the people but sometimes they don't if your organization has a number of workspaces dozens of workspaces there could be a lot of people out there that are interested in what you're doing what your particular group is doing and the workspace owner may not know about that so this is looking at it from the other side what if you have a motivated individual who's looking through the system and somehow finds out about learns about a working group and they want to offer their time they want to volunteer for that group keep in mind that self-managed organization is not going to be completely centrally driven a lot of what you're looking for is self-organization by people coming in and and joining on their own accord so one way to do that would be to find out who's running the workspace and to send them an email or give them a phone call but we've asked a specific capability to help to do that and this is a way that a person can can actually signal the people who are running a workspace and let them know that they're interested and then to make it really really easy for them to sign it so how would this work Here I am I'm not logged in currently I'm running as a guest and even as a guess when you're not logged in there are certain things that can be public this is a public topic you know so you could you could take a look at this topic can read it gained an understanding what's happening there's also documents can be set public and those can be accessed without being logged in there's two things they need to do they need to register set up a login right and then they need to request membership so I'm not logged in at all here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to log in like normal but if I don't have a login yet I need to register for a free account so it's pretty easy you click this button here and you put in your email address so today I'm going to be Sam Adams and you put your email address in there and you and you tell it to send the email and a few moments later you'll receive an email that looks very much like this it's basically saying we're verifying who the email person is so all you need to do is click on this link here and now that is verified you you can put in the your name and you can put in your passwords twice make sure that this same and and in you know a few simple clicks you've now been signed up the name appears up in the upper left so you're seeing Sam Adams there now if I try to do something here I'm still not a member of the workspace all I've done is given myself a login so if I go to something that requires you to be a member what's going to say is hey you're not in the members of this workspace I touched a little bit about the workspace if the workspace had a purpose here it would it would have that purpose it tells you who's running the workspace so you know a little bit about it this is kind of public information about the workspace you know what you're doing and you might contact these people if you know them closely you might contact them out-of-band if you wish but you can also just click this little button here to request a membership and this really simplifies a lot of things so you want to put something here that tells a little bit about why you want to be part of this workspace and it sort of depends on what the workspaces and it depends on who the people are and if you know them really close maybe you don't have to put much here at all if you don't know them you may want to explain who you are where you're coming from whatever it is that you think is going to let them know why you should be part of this workspace and you request membership like that so now you've done it and if you come back to this page before it's taken care of it'll basically say hey you've requested membership and the status is still requested it hasn't been answered yet once it is answered this could change to either being accepted or denied and there can be a message around that okay so now that's what you've done as a volunteer so to speak now let me log out and login as somebody else who can actually who's part of the workspace turns out this can be actually anybody who's a member can actually do this this role so if I get a I will get a notification and in your email list will appear an email message and it'll tell you who it came from and who requested access to the workspace and it'll also include the statement that they put in there so it'll tell you a little bit about why they were requesting it so you've got this notification that comes to you and it makes it very very easy to then just click on the button here and it'll take you into the workspace and let you approve this person so here you have a list of the people who have requested and you can then simply choose approve or reject if that's what you want to do and the the information about it is there and so if you just choose approve you're done and now this person is a member of the workspace you'll see that their name appears there you see Sam Adams is now in the members role so it really makes it easy for someone to tell you about them and tell you about their desire to be part of this workspace and then to sign themselves up and to join the workspace so let's review what we saw we saw and unauthenticated person come in find a workspace set up their own login all by themselves there's no special privileges needed for that and then request access to the workspace that caused notification to the other people in the workspace and then simply by clicking one button you can allow them into the workspace so it makes it very very easy for people to sign up and to join workspaces on their own