Collaborative Workspaces

  • Organize better meetings
  • Manage project workflow more efficiently
  • Make stronger decisions together

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think smarter

Experience the flow
when a team mind emerges

Creating a world in-touch

Weaver is a responsive webapp that helps you hold policy and operational meetings in-person, online, and always stay connected and on-task
No more long email strings!

Get Organized

  • Agendas
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Action Items
  • Discussion Topics
  • Documents
  • Large File Transfers
  • Decisions

Stay Organized

  • Agenda Backlogs
  • Historic Minutes
  • Completed Action Items
  • Document Storage
  • Review Decisions

Know Your Organization

  • Mission, Vision, and Aim
  • Organizational Diagrams
  • Action Items
  • Roles and Responsibilities
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Who Is Weaver For?

  • Businesses wanting fewer meetings
  • Meetings with an agenda and real value
  • Meetings with professionalism and discipline that get things get done.
  • Organizations that want to relieve the pain and overwhelm of organizing,
  • Groups that want meetings which stay on topic and have coherent records.

So How Does Weaver Work?

Circle Weaver
Your phone or computer becomes a loom where you can weave your world with others.

Lay out your structure:

  • Roles.
  • Relationship of teams or departments.
  • Members.
  • Documents you need.
  • Connect to other tools you use.
  • Labels for filing.
  • Inspiration: Your vision and values.
  • Commitments: Your mission.
  • What your customers want!! (Your customer focus.)

Hold your meetings:

  • In person
  • Online
  • Async: better than an email string or a line of comments on a list serv.
A variety of formats:
  • Supports sociocracy facilitation or just run the meeting freeform
  • Simultaneous typing for notes!
  • Assign action items as you talk.

Keep your records:

  • One click generates meeting minutes.
  • Keep track of your decisions over time & get reminders.
  • Manage an agenda topics backlog.
  • Search rapidly for information in your notes.
  • Cross-file information.
  • See progress on assigned action items.
  • Track activities in what the rest of your organization.

The power of organized decision making and talking about progress cannot be underestimated!

Every act of support and loyal participation, no matter how small, holds the possibility for inspiration. Not just for the people directly involved but for anyone wishing to be a part of a larger movement for egalitarian organizing.

What We Can Help You Achieve:

With Weaver, you can build a platform of respect and hospitality as you get things done, and this valuing of each other can echo in your entire community.

Want to try out Weaver, a new way of thinking together? Weaver is ready as alpha software. We’re looking for early adopter organizations. Preview Weaver through our Youtube training channel.


OR, let’s talk, answer your questions, and set you up with your own Weaver site.

We’d love to hear from you!