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What is Weaver?

Weaver is a platform to help organizations large and small to reach their goals. It helps you organize people to produce results. It helps you prepare for meetings, distribute information, collect input, run meetings, write minutes, and to clearly share decisions that are made.

Weaver is based on a proven methodology for helping people come together and reach agreement known as Dynamic Governance or Sociocracy. This approach is an inclusive approach that helps to assure that everyone's voice is heard, and everyone is involved in making the decisions. By keeping people involved in the decisions, you keep them involved in the follow through as well. Whether you are running a community organization, a non-profit, a school group, a government agency, a small business or a large busines, Weaver you will give a greater ability to produce high quality results with a team.

How can you get Weaver?

Weaver is free at the basic level, which includes meeting planning, document sharing, discussion lists, action / task lists, role based access, decision list, email notifications and much more.

With a few keystrokes you make a workspace which can be accessed from anywhere, but only the people you designate. Action items can be assigned to anyone with an email address, and automatic email notification keeps everyone informed. It is quick and easy to sign up for a free site.

How can you Help?

Weaver is 100% supported by volunteers, and is structured as a cooperative. Want to help? There are many ways you could contribute to Weaver beyond using it. Donations are appreciated for helping to run the server. We could use additional training videos showing how to effectively get things done. If you understand AngularJS Ui framework, you could help enhance the open source Weaver project by improving the user interface to meet more needs. Or -- at the very least -- tell all your friends about Weaver!