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Step 1: Your Email Address.

Do you have a Weaver account? If you do, please log in now.

Otherwise we can set you up with a login account right away. Enter the email address that you will use to log into the site, and to which we will send correspondence about the site. We will send you an email to verify your email address, and you can set your password right away.

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A site is a place where you can create workspaces. You can have as many workspaces as you would like, one for each team you want to coordinate, and maybe a few more for shared use. All of this can be done in one site.

A site can be accessed by any number of people, and you can control who has access to the site, and to each workspace.

Step 2: Please provide a full name for your site.

Pick a short clear name that would be useful to people that don't already know about the group using the site. You can change the name at any time. Just a few words, maybe 20 to 50 letters total.

Step 3: Please provide a key for the URL.

This will be part of your web address. Please specify a short key with only 4 to 8 letters or numbers. You are allowed to use simple letters and numbers or a hyphen.

Step 4: Describe the purpose of the site.

Describe in a sentence or two the purpose of the workspace in a way that people who are not (yet) part of the workspace will understand, and to help them know whether they should or should not be part of that workspace.
This description will be available to the public if the workspace ever appears in a public list of workspaces.

Step 5: Enter 'Pre-approval Code' if you have one.

If you have been given a pre-approval code, enter it here in order to expedite the creation of a site.

If you do not have one, don't worry, you can still apply here and we will review your application shortly.

Step 6: Are you a robot?

To protect the site from malicious attacks, please enter the lesser of 512 and 307 in the box below.

Step 7: Submit

Review all the information above, and confirm correct. If you want to change a value click on it.

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You might be able click on the value and correct the request to submit again, or you might need to contact the system administrator. This piece of software can't tell you which at this point.