Weaver is supported entirely by donations. If you are able to give back to the community, and to help provide this service for yourself and others less fortunate, please donate today.

We want to make high quality meeting software available to everyone, everywhere, at a price that everyone can afford. Donations go purely to helping to make the software extra-user friendly. That is the mission we are on. Make it so that everyone everywhere can better govern themselves.

That includes children. By the time a person gets to college, they need to know how to run meetings. Schools don't teach this. So they need support. The software makes neutral leadership spaces where everybody's voice can be heard and incorporated into the decision.

We want to get this into everyone's hands so that bottom up governance of feasible. The non-profit Governance from Below 501(c)3 organization will credit your tax-deductible donation to the development of Weaver.

We want to make decentralized decision-making work well.

See this overview of our request for a new mobile UI for Weaver